Summer Upgrades Season 2015

After a highly successful season its time to change the fundamental question of How can I max out the system tonight?  How can I max out the system even more next season?. Yes it is time to start thinking on summer upgrades. This upcoming summer looks pretty quiet for Maine Snowmakers compared to last year. This season is all about maintaining what has already become built and dialing it in. How you all have a good summer and think snow!

Thank you to all who support Maine snowmakers, it means a lot to us!!!!

-CJ and Caiden


CJ Upgrades

-Change Compressor Oil COMPLETE

-Replace #1 Hydrant COMPLETE

-Repaint ramp COMPLETE

-Build #3 hydrant tower gun stand along with repair Mini HKD sled COMPLETE

-Add second water pump for 7 GPM and run 2-3 guns on 10.5 CFM

-Build second tower gun for total of 3 guns COMPLETE

Caiden Upgrades

-Repaint all tower guns COMPLETE
-Replace wood parts

-Complete Rope Tow Project
-Bigger Motor

-Well Project
-Install Pump
-Drill Well
-Dig underground house pressure water line to basement pump house from new well COMPLETE

-More Rail’s and Boxes


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