Upgrade Season Coming To A Close

Today Marked a huge day in Maine, today Sunday River was the first in North America to turn on snow guns, they fired up 40 HKD impulses on T2 in preparation for opening day!!! so far this year CJ has improved his water to 5 GPM with a potential 3 GPM pump in the works for even more water!!!! he has also added a big 10 foot 3/4 tower gun at the end of hydrant system for major piles!!! Down in Freeport Caiden has maxed all 3 tower guns to the limit with an  impressive 9 GPM flow through his system. Its looking like a great year is on the Horizon Here in Maine so Think Snow!!!!!!!

IMG_0668_Fotor 12049440_10153130786307876_1311179261901281997_n

Cj Crankin the guns for summer test——Sunday River testing the guns on the morning of September 22nd



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  1. Let the 2015/16 season begin!!!

  2. Awesome! It’s almost here guys!! Can’t wait to see your exploits this year and of course to see what I can do many miles South of you. Thinking about getting everything covered then just making a really really stupid snow whale.

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