Caiden’s 2014-2015 Season

Here is the link to the news article!

Alec Salisbury’s News Article

First Snow Of The Season-November 3rd

Last Snow Of The Season- April 15th

Longest Run- 12 Hours

Most Snow in One Run- 55 inches

Season Water- 35,240Gallons

Season Hours-76

Location- Freeport, Maine

Season Wrapup
Well another season has come and gone. It was by far my best season of snowmaking, which included over 35,000 gallons of water, and 76 hours of running. I had a base of over 6ft of snow, and I also had a record size jump, at almost 7ft tall, it used almost half of all the water I used this year. Below is the picture of that, additionally I made several good size whales, which there is a picture below. It was very successful, and I look forward to making some summer upgrades and breaking my records I set this year!
Have a great summer!

image1 image2

March 5th 10pm
Well, its finally time. after over a month of no snowmaking, I fired back up tonight to build up a bunch of base for the spring. Looking like a grand total of 2.5k gallons tonight. May be one of the last nights with single digit temps. Gonna run the byb as long as possible…


January 20th 7:34pm

THE GREAT REBUILD. I definitely didn’t lose too much snow from the 2 inches of rain we got yesterday, but it hardened up the snowpack to where it is too hard to ski on. When I thought everything was good, i realized the freeze thaw conditions caused both the hydrant system and the neighbors hydrants to freeze up. Anyways hoping for a warm day(sorry) to defrost everything… for now I can just run 1 gun with long hoses.

wet Bulb–25
Water PSI-550
Air PSI-95

January 13th 11:04pm

Made a good pile up top for a drop in, and also to gain speed for the big kicker. Ran for +- 4 hours and made some good snow. Additionally i had the gun on the landing for the big kicker to build that up. Overally a very productive night.
wet Bulb–5
Water PSI-250
Air PSI-45


January 9th, 2015 1:30PM
I’ve been running the last 3 days in order to build up as much base as possible. Didn’t get above 15 degrees for 3 days. I made 3ft of snow on most of the hill, including a 7ft tall jump and a backflip kicker. Sorry for the lack of photos… too busy keeping it from freezing.IMG_20150108_162555919
wet Bulb-3
Water PSI-250
Air PSI-45
January 6th, 2015 8:37PM
Fired up tonight because of the temps. Sittin pretty at 5 degrees and making piles. Only planning on running for 2-3hours tonight. Running a tripod gun with absolutely no Hang Time.
wet Bulb-3
Water PSI-250
Air PSI-45
Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 8.36.15 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 1.05.17 PM


January 3rd, 2015 8:18PM 

Fired up at noon with 8gpm and 16cfm. 19 degrees at 12pm. Ran right through 8PM for a total of 8 hours. I ran all 3 tower guns and made a good size whale up top. I don’t have many pictures because I was filming for a video. The snow is straight powder, like from the sky. Almost used 20,000 gallons so far!

wet Bulb-15
Water PSI-550
Air PSI-45



December 31st, 2014 1:23AM 

Well I did pretty well today/tonight. I fired up the backyard blizzard at 12pm and ran that right through till 12am. I ran the top and bottom tower gun from 6-12, and did pretty well on most of the hill. It is buried, and I shouldn’t have to make snow on it for weeks. It was close to single digits near the end, so I was really producing.

wet Bulb-8
Water PSI-550
Air PSI-80



December 3rd, 2014 10:45PM

Made a bunch of snow tonight in preparation for Bill Green. He came over to film a segment on the backyard snowmaking and park to be shown on Bill Greens Maine Outdoors. Fired up around 3ish, and ran till 8… I dont really have any photos because I was more focused on making the hill look good. Anyways, I covered the hill pretty well…



November 22, 2014 3:46AM

Well I added to the pile, made about 18 inches in the center… ran for 6 hours with the backyard blizzard. I’m going to pile up this snow into one big pile to try and save it from the rain that is coming. I’m happy with it…


IMG_4672 IMG_4665 IMG_4657





November 18, 2014 9:56PM

I fired up for a couple of hours tonight just to test out the new ground controls for the bottom tower gun, and decided to keep running because both guns were producing a lot of snow. Still had a decent base from last run, but definitely good base building temps this week.


IMG_4648_zpsc7d1b851 (1) IMG_4630_zps139fa6c4 IMG_4646_zpseca506df

November 16, 2014 9:45 PM

Here are some pictures… We ended up running 4 guns from 9pm until 1AM, until the neighbors complained about the noise. From then on, we left the BYB running till 6AM, which made a 3-4ft whale. Here is the Before, After, and After the rail jam shots…
wet Bulb 20
Temp 24
Humidity 60
Water PSI 425
Air PSI 80
GPM 10.7
CFM 18.3 So most of this snow is from 4 hours of snowmaking…
IMG_4619IMG_4396IMG_4332November 14, 2014 11:06 PM
Fired up the system, although not completely… Only running 2 guns, because I have to get some sleep tonight… Tomorrow is the big run, planning on 10 hours at 15gpm and 30cfm, plus 6 guns. Yes 6 GUNS!Anyways I wanted to test out the BYB, which worked just as expected… No problems whatsoever!Total of about 3 inches on half of the hill…
IMG_20141114_224656090_zps0zyybcjewet Bulb 26
Temp 27
Humidity 78
Water PSI 550
Air PSI 80
GPM 7.2
CFM 12
After many hours of testing, and spending a lot of money, my system is ready to go for this season. Looks like we will get to fire up for the first time this weekend. With lows in the low 20’s, it should be a productive night. Plan for this season is to run 7.5gpm and 12cfm at half capacity, and if needed, max out at 15gpm and 25cfm. I have the rope tow up and running, so we should be all set for a 6pm fire up on Sunday night. Planned run is 12 hours.


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  1. Awesome Caiden! Looking forward to a great season here and also to seeing great things from you Maine Snowmakers!!!

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