Caiden’s Snowguns

Caiden’s Stats-

Current Snowmaking System Stats By The Numbers

11.2 Gallons Per Minute

-22 Cubic Feet Of Air Per Minute

-Number of guns-6, 2 ground tripod guns, 3 model HKD towers, 1 Backyard Blizzard, Fangun

-150 foot long hydrant system with 4 hydrants

-500ft of air and water hose

My snowguns-


The latest and greatest in the snowmaking arsenal is the new fangun. Full post can be found here,



I have 3 homeade HKD tower guns that are all internal mix, with bottom water and air controls. I am able to control the gun from the ground. They are placed on the top, middle, and bottom of my hill.

IMG_4630_zps139fa6c4 IMG_4648_zpsc7d1b851 (1)



Tripod- A portable gun that I can move around the hill to fill in the gaps. 

I have 2 of these guns



BYB- I also run a Backyard Blizzard, but technically it is a pump and a compressor.





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  1. This sick. I live on Long Island in New York I’ve been making snow for a year.

  2. Will you make a video on how tho make those HKD snow guns in your yard

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