Cj’s 2013-2014 Season

2013-2014 Season Stats

First Snow Of The Season-November 3rd

Last Snow Of The Season-April 16th

Best Run-24 inches on March 1st

Season Water -7400 Gallons

Season Hours-65

Location-Waterville Maine


(Above)-snowmaking for opening day at Forest Park on the night of November 18th, I opened earlier than most ski areas in Maine on november 19th


(Above)-Christmas Day jump build, the jump was a little worn down so i added about a foot of snow on to it and groomed it out till it was the biggest backyard booter we had ever had


(above)- after a thaw right after christmas, had to do ramp work as it was near bare at one point

photo 6

(Above)-Post December Ice Storm Rebuild on January 5th, we got 3 inches of freezing rain and sleet in 2 weeks from 3 storms


(Above)-First night with the Cat pump, i had not light up and running but this shot definitely captures the amout water and throw the gun gives


(Above)-April 2nd and still making snow. Testing the model Ranger/Ground Gun.

photo 2

(Above)- more snowmaking April 4th, The Ranger is starting to prove its self with these marginal temp runs.


(Above)-Just because april is here does not mean I’m still done, wet bulb of 26 running 3.5 GPM and 5.0 CFM

IMG_0706 IMG_0708


(Above)-April 16th mega run, 2 guns at 3.5 GPM and 5 CFM, i knew my snow was going to be very wet but i did not want to wait till november to test out the second gun.


part 2 of the big mega run, April 17th

LINK to mega run:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd68TNdX8hk


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  1. FYI you’re on google images if you search Snowmaking. Keep up the good work!

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