Cj’s 2014-2015 Season

2014-2015 Season Stats

First Snow Of The Season- November 14th

Last snow Of The Season-April 5th

Best Run- December 8th- 41 inches

Season Water -16,500 Gallons

Season Hours-78 Hour

Location-Waterville Maine

December Rebuild Video–>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCGUrQrnp0U


(Above)-Test run at 28 Wet bulb with slush on september 18th but not good enough quality to be called first run of the season


(Above)-First official snow of the 14-15 season November 12th!!!!

Long Exposure Snowgun

(Above)-going for reopening day, november 18th

long exposure

(Above)-November 19th and we got her done!!!!!


(Above)-Looking good in the flash photography!!!


(above)-45 inch whale on December 8th


(above)-motor replacement went well, now she’s all ready for 2014-2015 after mid november disaster


(above)-last run with the tripod, it was replaced by a mini ratnik gun on mini sled


(Above)-December 19th smoke show, 27 degrees out


(above)-Mini Rat #2 AKA sassy swank due to its nozzle configuration, the 4001 Nozzle on the top makes lot more evap than bigger nozzles at colder temps. Sassy Swank also has a sister.


(Above)-We be crankin for days

buried mini rat

(above)-Mini Rat buried #snowmageddon 2015


(ab0ve)-Post snowmageddon Snowmaking after over 70 inches of natural snow


(Above-March 13th


(above)-April 5th, used 2000 gallons in 3 days to boost base depths for one last crack at it


(above)-Closing day April 20th, all snow was gone by the 24th


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