Cjs 2015-2016 season

2015-2016 Season Stats

First Snow Of The Season – October 18th

Last snow Of The Season – April 5th 2016

Best Run- 27 inches

Season Water-30,310 Gallons

Season Hours – 102.5 Hours

Location-Waterville Maine


Fish Eye black ans white

(Above)-March 19th and gave her hell!!!


(Above)-March 19th through the light handle, very windy day.


(Above)-October 18th made an inch or 2 and coated the ground in white!!! the season has officially begun!!!!! once i fix the the hydrant that was blown out of the ground on testing today…..Opps.


(Above)-Hard to believe that this pic right here was the second run of October 18th, more running on the 19th to!!


(Above)-October 19th Monday morning with the drone, 500 gallons in a day, it may not look like it but it sure is!!!, only running below half capacity the entire time. October to remember continues.


(Above)-November 17th, cold front hit after being plagued by warm temps, System maxed with 5 GPM, 10.5 CFM. Hoping for 3-5 inch pile each gun.


(Above)-November 17th from different angle near tower gun.


(above)-drone after 4 hours of running november 23rd


(above)-input hydrant looking fine


(above)-tower cooking 16 wet bulb 3.5 GPM in route for lift ervice opening day, first time ever


(above)-this is what 4 hours of running looks like for CJ Snowmaking, hoping for another 11 hours on the 24th alone and this november started slow but ending strong so far!!

mini rat light.JPG

(Above)-Mini Rat at work while making some good base snow!!!

dark nuk mist.JPG

(Above)-Cool angle of the mini rat num mixture


(above)-morning of January 12th 2016


(above)-a snowmakers job is never easy nor warm because we in Maine!!!! Pine tree state gets her done 365/24/7

Mini rat Crankin curvy.jpg

(Above)-Mini Rat doing some terrain expansion of the skiers left side of Forest Park.

Backyard Terrain Expansion.jpg

(Above)-Lookin fine after i spent 2 hours fixing and filling gaps along the rope tow, now its off terrain expansion, January 20th


(above)-Cat 290 in joint operations with an old pressure washer pump on the night of March 4th, a Hypro Pump at 3.1 GPM Is in store to replace the aging pump.


(above)-trying to keep lift service open with a very early spring so far, later into the night the gun lost air and froze an air hose creating some freezing rain but we don’t talk about that part of the night!!!!!!! it did create some fantastic Base March 1st


(Above)-April 3rd……..Making spring my B###

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