Cjs 2016-2017 season

2016-2017 Season Stats

First Snow Of The Season- November 22nd

Last snow Of The Season-February 29th

Best Run- December 17th- 24 inches

Season Water -10,500 Gallons

Season Hours-35 Hour

Location-Waterville Maine

First year in college gave me some challenges, good news was that the pipeline never froze up from me being away from it which gave me hope on how it was engineered. Biggest let down of the season was the failure of pump #2 and my heat system for the pump box. Second run of the season in mid December started with a bang. The pump had froze and on fire up the motor burned up. I finished out the season with 3.5 GPM instead of the max of 5 I was expecting. Over the spring I rebuild the pump box and now we have 7 GPM!!!! with 10 GPM expected for 2017-2018. 3 pumps, 3 guns, and 2 compressors are in the works!!


(Above)-First run of the season, November 22nd 201622095230_1734332236599335_2035750956_o.jpg

(Above)-Using the mini rat to put snow down on the rope tow line22095256_1734332239932668_1083065684_o.jpg

(above)-mini rat putting a nice blanket down to start building up some early season base.

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