Cj’s Park


2-5 Foot flat rails

1-5 foot circular rail

1-5 foot box

1-10 foot curvy rail (Jamaican rail)

1-10 foot long log

-during the season i normal place in a jump in the middle of the area, a quarter pipe from drive way at end of the park and a small banked turn on the skiers left side of the box to help avoid people going into trees and stops the snow from being pushed into the pine trees.



(November 19th 2013 marked opening day for Forest Park and it was the first time we were able to open on 100% man made snow)


(opening day november 20th 2014)

Spring Hits Maine, i seem to really enjoy Panoramas as well.




(above)-Enjoying the April sun and fun!!!!!early december VIDEO:http://www.youte.com/photo

Spring Hits Maine, i seem to really enjoy Panoramas as well.


The snow is near 100% gone and forest park is now closed for the season yet snowmaking still is in the forecast, thank you to everyone who made it out this year and can’t wait for next years opening day.

And then 2 days after posting our closing day, this happened


6 inches of snow on the night of april 15th into 16th 2014.




January 2015 at forest Park, conditions are killah!!!!!!

Jamacian Rail

New 2015 addition……the Jamaican rail, 10 feet long and curves, officially the coolest backyard rail on this blog


A 24inch blizzard hit late january, and 30 days later we received a total of 70 inches in a month snowing every single day setting a new state record. East port maine received over 120 inches in the same time frame. all this snow made the park look like the photo below.


Photo above shows the park completely buried in 70 inches of fresh snow


and after all the natural snow……..it keeps snowing into April as this shot was taken on april 17th



Jackson hitting up the log




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