Cj’s Pumps/Compressors/Ramp


-1.5 GPM pressure Washer Pump (burned up during 2016-2017 season)

-3.5 GPM cat 290

-3 GPM Hypro Pump

-3 GPM Hypro X Pump


-5.0 CFM Dewalt

-5.3 CFM Harbor Freight

Compressor Add Ons

-30 CFM Double Air Dryer, (15 CFM per)

-3/4 Air condenser


-8 feet high with railings

-16 foot vertical

-does not require snow due to lattis work drilled into it


(Above)-Cat 290 in the old thermo box


(above)-thermo box with air dryer attached to side, new for 15-16 season to help make start up and shut down more efficient. Box was dismantled and re done for 2017-2018 season


(Above)- Thermo box with light lit and 500 PSI Crankin away


(Above)-first cat set up during 2013-14 season .VIDEO:p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMwwWOVBkcg&list=UUtWeqePHmav_Aa_befaRT0Q


(Above)-the compressor hard at work one late december night.


(above)-Cranking out 400 PSI with the cat , trying to get smaller droplets with the warm weather

photo 1

(above)-cat with new inlet pressure gauge, after one use its already broken, it was the set up during 2014-15 season

photo 4

(brand new 5.3 Cfm Central Pheumatic Compressor crankin on a early december night

photo 2

(Above)-The old 1.5 GPM pressure Washer pump after it was refurbished, painted, given a gauge, and some new plumbing, it now sits in a landfill after burning up in 2016-2017

photo 3

(above)-small mini air condenser


(above)-near triple digits out of the Air Dryer

photo 2

(above)-20 CFM air dryer gettin her done during the 2014-2015 season


(above)-New Hydrant system going in place with 4 hydrants 100 feet long


(above) Hydrant 2 on in the pipeline, hydrant 2 can be blocked off to run off the ramp


(above)- the ramp got a coat of paint on september 27th along with lattis work and bolts were tightened for the winter

ramp lattis work

(above)-The ramps new lattis work



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  1. how’s the rope tow project going?

    • I have not worked on the tow since late June due to a knee injury and time, but the return is 100% done and all the sheaves are waiting to be assembled on the drive, i have a new 1 HP motor all picked out.

  2. Hi, I’m trying to build a new snowmaking pump with a 4 gpm cat pump and 2 hp motor. I have pretty much everything completed except one thing. I can’t figure out how to wire my motor to a cord to plug into an outlet or connect it power switch or something like that. Any tips?

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