Cj’s Snowguns

Current Snowgun Stats

-5.0 Gallons Per Minute Cat Pump

-300 Per Hour With Cat Pump

-Cat pump and booster pump

-5 Cubic Feet Of Air Per Minute with dewalt

-10.3 Cubic Feet Of Air Per Minute with double compressor

-Number of guns-3, 1 mini sleds, 1 Model HKD Tower and 1 model HKD S-Sled

-100 foot long hydrant system with 4 hydrants

-air condenser and dryer

HKD Tower Moon

(Above)-Great shot of the sled in good moon light, note that the top nozzle is clogged a bit


(Above)-Base building for opening day on November 14th, opening day was on the 20th

photo 1

(Above)-The tripod is its medium position, it can go way lower to get maximum hang time in moderate tempatures. When in this potation and farther down the gun tends to bury its self in the ground so it requires a lot of checking and deicing. This gun gives off 1.5 GPM.

photo 3


Nice shot of the Plume coming off the gun.

Filmed January 23rd VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClIrDre5GQk&list=UUtWeqePHmav_Aa_befaRT0Q



(Above)-April 10th and still making snow.



(Above)-Blue sky and snow  making. Cat pump at work. a new addition was the ball valve between second and third nozzles to control flow but its not in the picture

Maine snowmakers again

(above)-summer testing

bulk nozzle zoom.JPG

(Above)-close up on the bulk water nozzle on mini ratnuk mist.JPG

(Above)-close up on the Nuk Mist






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  1. Do either of you offer your services to do residential snow making for events?

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