Quarry Road Maine


Quarry Road Stats                                           2014-2015 STATS 

-3 Kilometers of hydrants                     -900,000 Gallons of water

-25 HKD low energy guns           -2,000,000 Million cubic feet of Air

~7 Impulses                                                      -30 hours of run time Numbers Not Exact

~2 Lasers

~16 Focuses                                                           2015-2016 Stats

~6 high Energy Avalanches                 -4,500,000 Million Gallons Of Water

-2 Pumps 300 GPM each                       -10,000,000 Million Cubic Feet Of Air

-Centac compressor 1500 CFM             -over 150 Hours Numbers not Exact

Quarry Road hydrant systems-Field loop, Heros Hill, River Loop, Sprint Loop, Cals Way, Tracy’s Corner

Heros hill lite up alone with end of field loop

HKD Impulse Tracys Corner

Running an impulse gun all stages on just north of the Upper valve box above meadows building the sprint loop

HKD Laser .jpg

HKD Lazer in front of the maintenance building

HKD Focus Sprint Bleed Gun
HKD Focus acting as the bleed gun on top of the sprint loop, first time ever we have made snow in 3 years up off of that side of the system. Sprint loop is also the alternative Main line for pumping air and water to the rest of the 3K loop. normally we use the Cals Way Line.HKD Focus Gully

On the same night as the photo bellow…….HKD Focus crankin on the uphill side of the gully while the photo below shows an Impulse from the other side of the gully. look closely and you can see this gun.

HKD Wally on snowmobile

Only Nordic center in new england with snow…. thats right it was us in december of 2015!!!! here we have an HKD Impulse putting down great snow above gully to make a 1 KM loop for the thousands of skiers that turned out in the next 2 weeks despite the 2015 snow drough in the works. look closely and you can see the gun above in this photo.

HKD Close Up .jpg

Great Shot of an Impulse with stage 2 crankin away!!

looking towards the gully drain from the corner of meadows loop

trail groomer


250 Gallons a minute each, pump 1 has automatic regulator while pump 2 does not


Overview of 1/4 of the meadows/field loop all lite up in preparation for the 2014 ZAK cup

HKD Quarry Road Meadows

Meadows looking good!!! December 8th


crankin tons of evap towards gully with an HKD focus at fire up

photo 4


 Field Valve box for the controls up to heroes hill

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.04.23 PM

One of the many external Nuc HKD focus guns blazing away in front of the quarry road maintenance building late november



Caiden takes in the 5 AM scenery from his sled after dragging an HKD focus up to the bleed hydrant of the field Loop on november 30th

photo 2

A very beautiful March Sunset



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  1. 2 thumbs up to the boy’s at Maine Snowmakers!! From the crew at Snow-tec.

  2. I love those HKDs. They look like Backyard Blizzards on steroids. Rightly so since that’s who made them. Awesome job guys.

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